• Lac Montagne in the Black Mountains to the north of Mazamet in the Midi-Pyrenees
     Lac Montagne in the Black Mountains to the north of Mazamet in the Midi-Pyrenees
  • The Ibsley Bridge over the Hampshire Avon
     The Ibsley Bridge over the Hampshire Avon
  • A street scene on Paros in the Greek Islands
     A street scene on Paros in the Greek Islands
  • Cruising around off the Island of Corfu
     Cruising around off the Island of Corfu
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay
     Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay
  • Along the Seine
     Along the Seine
  • A gondola on the Grand Canal
     A gondola on the Grand Canal

Sometimes we get inspired to record some of the more memorable days of trips that we have made. They serve to remind us of the things that we have done, the places we have been to and the people we have met and if we do not record them we tend to forget great chunks of the times we have spent away.
For those viewing these diaries we hope you find them interesting but they are more likely to be of interest only to our family and friends.

Sainte Chapelle and Musee D'Orsay

Apr 26, 2014

Martin Fuggle


After an eventful trip from Mazamet to Toulouse and then onto Paris we settled into our studio apartment just off the Boulevard St Michel on Quai des Grands Augustins. For those wanting a place to stay in central Paris I can thoroughly recommend the Citadines Apart-Hotel. It is adjacent to the Seine and most of the places of interest in Paris are just a short walk away or an easy trip on the Metro from St Michel on Ligne 4. The weather was bad and forecast to remain bad for our stay in Paris. As a result we decided to avoid the rain by taking a very short walk across the bridge onto... + details

An exquisite meal at Le Castel de Burlats

Apr 23, 2014

Martin Fuggle


We have had an orgy of eating from Easter Sunday lunch to a celebration for my birthday and other memorable meals in between. Fortunately we have not yet broken the scales and seem to be performing according to the 'French Paradox'. The French eat very well indeed but one does not see many obese French people, and that's the paradox. On Easter Sunday we booked to return to the Auberge des Acacias in Courniou les Grottes. We like this place since it is typically French and the food is of a good standard. We chose to have Le Menu de Pacques. The entree was a salad with fois gras and shrimps... + details

The Cathar Castle at Minerve

Apr 19, 2014

Martin Fuggle


Saturday mornings are usually taken up with a trip down the road to the market and a coffee at Cafe de la Paix with the rest of Mazamet. This Saturday seemed to be different. The sun was shining and there was a spring in everyone's step, what's more there was some fantastic music being played by a small group of 'Bob Marley' style musicians. It was great and changed the whole atmosphere of the market. In the afternoon we took a short(ish) drive to Minerve to see the ruins of one of the Cathar Castles. Minerve is classified as 'one of the most beautiful villages in France'. We drove along... + details

Castres 22 - Montpellier 15

Apr 18, 2014

Martin Fuggle


The south of France is fanatical about rugby union and Castre-Olympique were 2013 champions. With two rounds to go before the final series Castre were in sixth place and had a must win game against Montpellier to remain in the top six. So it was when we headed off to the Stade Pierre Antoine to watch the match. We went with two fanatical CO supporters and got to the match with plenty of time to spare. Time enough to wander around the stadium to the stall that served oysters and seafood brochettes with a glass of wine. The French do their rugby in style! Not only was the match important... + details


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